Alison Dean

Vice President of Operations

Hates filling out forms, waiting in lines or following senseless rules. Excels at making sure no detail is left unmanaged and no task is left unfinished.

Alison’s holistic approach to getting things done helped her find a niche in strategic operations. During her career at Disney Imagineering and Big Stage Entertainment, Alison worked alongside executives to help deliver several innovative programs, one of which can still be “experienced” today at DisneyWorld. Most recently, Alison was a member of the founding team for a fashion startup, helping them to launch their initial e-commerce platform and retail presence.

As VP of Operations at Theorem, overseeing operational leadership and strategic planning, Alison is driven by her passion for efficiency and maintaining team morale. She was recently invited to join a CIO Certification program at UCLA, which will capitalize on her interests in infrastructure optimization and change management.  Alison also serves on the Board of The Los Angeles Giving Circle, which to date has given back close to $1 million to non-profit organizations supporting underserved women and girls in Los Angeles County.