Culture Engineering

Build a culture primed for success.

Use carefully crafted systems and processes to ensure a strong culture that not only builds high-performance technology but high-performance teams. TheoremOne’s Culture Engineering engagements help to transform mindsets and behaviors into values that define an organization’s mission—and spirit.

Evolve Your Teams, Keep Your Identity

Mindsets shape behaviors, which in turn shape a team’s culture. That’s the overarching idea behind the practice of culture engineering. At TheoremOne, we believe culture engineering works best when it helps people and processes work in sync to achieve outsized results.

We take into account the speed at which trends evolve, and we offer you problem-solving strategies that fit your organization’s unique and evolving needs.

Challenges Met, Challenges Conquered

Lack of talent pool. Millennial expectations. The high cost of hiring. Candidates who back out of joining your team. Our work tackles today’s biggest talent challenges.

Tooling to Reinforce Change

TheoremOne comes armed with the tooling to help support long-term change. Our suite of proprietary cultural technology reinforces the patterns and behavior necessary to start change at the atomic level of your organizational DNA. We deploy the same tools that we use at TheoremOne each and every day.

Develop, Refine, Transform

Implementing product management practices for the first time? Looking to refine or transform your methodologies—or switch them entirely? Whatever your goals, TheoremOne can help.

How Culture
Engineering Works


Stakeholder Interviews & Current State Assessment

Form a baseline of the current culture based on a comprehensive assessment.


Target State / Needs / Gap Analysis

Why does the culture need to change? To support new organizational goals, challenges, or systems? What gaps exist and why?


Evaluate Organization & Personnel Readiness

Before simply instituting new practices and procedures, is your workforce ready to embrace these changes? Identify potential risk areas and plans to mitigate.


Training / Mentorship / Performance Linking

Engage in comprehensive one-on-one training, mentorship and performance linking with TheoremOne experts in order to create lasting, and durable change.

Tool Spotlight


Unlock your team’s full potential by enabling frequent peer-to-peer feedback

The secret to any high-performing team is their ability to be honest, open, and collaborative with each other.

We created and use Honesto as a tool to ensure that team members consistently help each other grow while fostering an environment of trust, honesty and investment in shared success. Honesto is one of the core building blocks we use in Culture Engineering engagements to build and reinforce mission critical patterns.

Make Frequent Feedback the New Norm

Honesto ensures that feedback is collected and shared frequently by all members of the team to all members of the team — in real-time.  Sharing person-to-person, honest, constructive feedback becomes a part of your team’s daily routine and your project’s core ceremonies.

Build Deeper Trust and Transparency

Honesto allows your team to have a private, ongoing 1-to-1 dialogue focused around making each other better. Your team will be citing real-world examples where possible to ensure that every recipient can understand and grow from the feedback shared with them.

Build a Mental Model for Peak Performance

Honesto enables teams and individuals to build a model for peak performance, and chart their week by week progress towards state change that can unlock meaningful personal and professional growth.

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