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Andrew Upah

Director of Publicity

Passionate about change, Andrew focuses on redefining what it means to serve as an innovation partner to the world’s biggest brands.

During his career as a management consultant, Andrew noticed a gap in how large organizations were preparing their millennial talent for leadership roles. After co-founding a millennial think tank and international leadership development firm, and later an experience-based travel company targeting the same generation, Andrew continues to contemplate the interplay between Gen-Y/Gen-Z, technology, and the modern enterprise.

Andrew leads TheoremOne’s internal marketing efforts as it ushers in a new era in consulting and redefines what it means to serve as an innovation partner to the world’s biggest companies. “The most important part of my job is interfacing directly with our clients to better understand how they think about their journey of transformation and innovation. As a strategic partner, our value proposition needs to evolve as rapidly as the needs of our clients”.

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