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Formerly Citrusbyte, we are now TheoremOne.

Over the last twelve years, we have grown from an engineering-only organization that served early-stage startups to a global innovation firm that solves complex challenges for the world’s biggest companies.

TheoremOne Theorists at a team retreat watching a beautiful sunset

As we’ve grown, strengthening our core areas of expertise and developing new specializations, we needed our brand and visual identity to accurately reflect our purpose, our beliefs, and our capabilities.

Today, we have exciting news to share – Citrusbyte has become TheoremOne.

At its core, this isn’t a redefinition of who we are — it is about helping our brand catch up to what we have become. The elements of our new brand’s identity system are visual metaphors for the experience our clients have come to expect, the way we deliver our services, our culture of real-time feedback and autonomy, our maniacal focus on quality, our dedication to user-centric product thinking, and the lasting imprint we leave on the organizations we work with.

Engineering is the core foundation of our capabilities — and it always will be — but it is a single dimension of the broader fabric of what makes what we do so valuable to our clients.

We advise clients on product strategy, engineering, design, and culture, then partner with them to build and launch technology-driven solutions to their most complex problems. TheoremOne is chosen by clients when results matter most. We drive transformation that involves not only technology, but also people, process, and leadership.

The Name
Our new name is about reconnecting with the mathematical, computer science-driven genetics of our organization. It’s about solving complex problems and building amazing things. It evokes a simple sophistication and is a concrete descriptor of our iterative, hypothesis-driven process. It fits within a lexicon that includes words like Proof, Theory, and Hypothesis, which all play a role in our word system.

The Wordmark
The name is set in Feijoa — a refined, elegant, yet precise serif typeface that evokes scientific manuscripts and botanical journals. It has a dynamic set of ligatures and complimentary weights making it a utilitarian yet sophisticated choice to set our wordmark.

The Mark
Situated next to the word mark is a halmos. The halmos represents ‘End of Proof’ — Q.E.D. in Latin. It’s named after Paul Halmos, the Hungarian-born mathematician whose works contributed to major advancements in the fields of probability theory, operator theory, ergodic theory, mathematical logic, and functional analysis. It’s a simple shape but it has deep meaning. It also serves as the name for our re-branded venture arm: Halmos Ventures.

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