We build things
we're proud of.

Some of our favorites.

We’ve done so much great work and we love to talk about it, but since it would take us forever to tell you everything here is a snapshot.

Global, Scaleable, Enterprise-Grade IoT Platform

The first open platform built to enable end-to-end connected device solutions.


AT&T challenged us to build the worlds most powerful IoT platform. They enlisted TheoremOne to help expand their current offering by delivering a groundbreaking IoT platform capable of managing millions of devices and billions of datapoints across their global network.


  • In 9 months, an IoT platform capable of processing billions of datapoints each week.
  • Platform managing one of the largest commercial fleets in the United States.
  • Flexible development team scaling from 7 to 60+ members depending on needs.


8 Products & Components Designed to seamlessly work together.


Connected devices


Technology innovators building new solutions


Real-time Datapoints  stored per week


in pipeline opportunities for AT&T


Human-Centric Benefits Platform

Enabling employment benefits for 10,000+ users from any device and location.


Mission Health challenged us to create a more efficient system for their 10,000 hospital employees.

Due to decades of costly inefficiencies in benefits onboarding, Mission Health needed a world-class
benefits management system capable of managing
tens of thousands of employee benefits and eliminating
all historical pain points.


  • A scalable system capable of managing 10,000+ benefit packages.
  • A user experience employees ranked as “world-class”.
  • PII secure data accessible from anywhere.



Satisfied employees.


Improved benefit selection time from 10 to 1 minute.


Increased device support by over 500%.


Decreased enrollment time by 90%.


Next-generation Supply Chain Visibility

We built an asset tracking system that provided real-time status and visibility for one of the world’s biggest equipment supply chains.


Caterpillar was dealing with over $2 billion in long-term inventory carrying costs due to inefficient outbound supply chain visibility as heavy equipment assets were being transferred from manufacturing plant to end-customer.


  • A functional IoT and asset tracking platform in less than 90 days.
  • 68% improvement in delivery time from manufacturing plan to dealer.
  • Real-time visibility into over $1 Billion in inventory.



In slack removed by outbound supply chain.


Improvement in delivery times from manufacturing plant dealer.


NPS point improvement in under 6 months.


Media Asset Management & Intelligence

We developed a music catalog platform that takes music management to the next level.


Concord Music Group’s legacy infrastructure didn’t support the demands of the modern digital music businesses leaving significant revenue unclaimed, largely due to poor quality metadata exchange with statutory collections agencies.


  • 700% increase in digital revenue collection.
  • Single platform scaled to global operations across 30+ label groups.
  • Ability to retire dozens of legacy system.


Today, Repertoire provides real-time access to the Concord library of content to over 300 users in different cities across the United States and different departments within the organization.


Multi-cloud, high-performance DBaaS

Building a Database-as-
a-Service for Couchbase.


Couchbase planned to expand its offerings of server and mobile solutions by adding a fully managed service. Their goal was to design and develop a new DBaaS (database-as-a-service) that leveraged Couchbase’s server and operator, letting customers easily deploy and manage Couchbase on cloud service providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Couchbase Screens


TheoremOne’s partnership with Couchbase not only ensured the success of their DBaaS program, but demonstrated to Couchbase leadership how it could be backed by a resilient distributed team.

Elements of this model adopted by Couchbase included:

  • Hiring and Training
  • Process Implementation
  • Product Development


With the support of TheoremOne’s guidance and expertise, Couchbase experienced several massive wins:

  • Growth of the team from 8 to more than 30 contributors
  • Quality code output increase of over 10x
  • Successful development of an asynchronous remote culture
  • Adoption of a globally distributed team
Exponential Growth

End-to-end project management software

A modern solution for commercial real estate deals.


Legacy software causing inefficient transactions and lacking secure options for wire transfers, leading to high overhead costs and employee frustration.


  • Reduced training cycle times by more than 200%
  • Reduced the time to share documents with customers by 150%
  • Onboarded more than 20,000 customer accounts within the first 5 months following product launch
  • 0 cases of wire transfer fraud on our secure platform
  • 100 platform features delivered annually
  • Increased the total number of releases per year from 3x to 24x

Intuitive HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Platform

We Built a Platform for AT&T that puts your health into the palm of your hand.


The AT&T Foundry came to TheoremOne with the goal of creating a platform to help doctors, patients, and health care providers communicate and collaborate more effectively, and efficiently.


A rich ecosystem of web and mobile applications that brings together cutting-edge capabilities in mobility, cloud and security to connect its users with health, wellness and clinical data.


Digitization of the Education Industry

A competency-based learning platform designed to maximize
skill acquisition.


FlatWorld challenged us to build a suite of cloud-based EdTech products from digital textbooks to online courses, to make education accessible to the world.


Financial access:

FlatWorld's program lowers administrative costs, textbook costs, and instructor costs so that every penny spent is optimized toward making students successful.

Any time and pace:

With the FlatWorld program students can learn on a native iPad application,  desktop, and at any time convenient for them.

Coaching and mentoring:

Adding structure to distance learning provides the necessary support students need to graduate.


We enabled FlatWorld to reimagine and rebuild how their student & teacher userbase would interact with over 10,000 online textbooks in just 3 months.


A Smart Video Management Platform

Enabling SundaySky to show the power of their SmartVideo technology to educate customers.

The Task

TheoremOne was tasked to design a streamlined dashboard experience for SundaySky to view video content, data and important insights across customer programs. The dashboard would serve as the MVP and would be implemented in collaboration with SundaySky's development team.

The Features

  • An Account Dashboard that offers a high-level view of a SundaySky customer account and all of their SmartVideo programs.

  • Users enter the Program Dashboard where they can learn about targeted stories consisting of video scenes paired with unique customer data.

  • When two program stories are selected in the sub-navigation, an icon for a Side-by-Side Video Preview feature appears in the Program Dashboard. This feature offers a new UI where the user can compare story videos, along with their unique Preview Data and Scene Libraries.


The launch of the MVP to SundaySky internal users enabled SundaySky to validate feature and function hypothesis. The SmartVideo Dashboards became an integral piece of their team's workflow when engaging with customers and explaining the value of their SmartVideo technology.

The MVP dashboards laid the groundwork for SundaySky's evolving team platform. The design system and framework gave their team the tools they needed to continue building features to integrate with the Personalized Video Marketing Cloud including scene editing capabilities to demo real-time customization of SmartVideos.


Hollywood Payroll Goes Digital

We saved 10,000 hours a year for each person behind your favorite entertainment content.


TheoremOne was challenged to design and build a suite of software solutions to automate HR and payroll onboarding of entertainment professionals, in order to reduce error prone manual data input errors, increase transparency of approval progress, and comply with all employment and union regulations.


  • A suite of digital services to automate the end to end professional experience.
  • Streamlined onboarding approvals by only showing data that is relevant to the approver.
  • Enterprise grade hours-to-gross power for every production’s payroll accountant.
  • New visibility into production costs to better control production budgets.


Hours+, an electronic time capture system, and Start+, and electronic onboarding system for entertainment professionals. This leveraged a robust security and encryption scheme (every user’s data is encrypted with its own keys stored in a Hardware Security Module). The system is completely configurable by the customer, allowing for the creation of custom documents and approval flows.


Next-Generation Customer Engagement Platform

Transforming Customer Care from a Cost-Center into a Revenue Driver.


American Express challenged TheoremOne to deliver a best-in class customer engagement platform for their 10,000 Customer Care Professionals (CCPs) who manage thousands of customer interactions each and every day, using customer data from a multitude of internal legacy systems.


  • Modern Experience:  A customer-service engagement platform that guides and improves the human-to-human experience for American Express call centers.
  • Four Months to Launch:  In the hands of customer care professionals within four months of project kickoff.


Designed for Onboarding & Training.

Simply onboarding current CCPs, as well as training new CCPs, was key design constraint. In-application help and documentation minimized disruption and gave training managers visibility into their teams progress.

Self-Improving Algorithms

American Express will continue to create new value propositions for their customers, and better ways of interpreting customers’ behaviour through self-improving algorithms.

Customizable Dashboards and Key Screens.

All key views and dashboards are configurable, allowing CCPs to quickly and easily navigate customer data the  most pertinent way. This allows CCPs to gain insights into American Express customers at-a-glance.

Integrated Analytics

Customer responses and CCP actions are recorded intelligently so that American Express executives can quickly understand the progress of new initiatives.

4 months

From kickoff to  launch


Customer services representatives using in production


Increase in value generation per cardmember call

A Robust Sensor & Device Platform Architecture

We designed and architected a world-class IoT Platform for an enterprise software leader.


After years of aggressive acquisitions resulting in multiple disparate and highly customizable software platforms Infor needed a platform strategy that enabled the development of sensor and device software solutions as a tentpole component of their product portfolio.


  • TheoremOne designed and architected an Internet of Things Platform to serve as the core of Infor’s sensor and device strategy

  • Platform architecture integrated legacy and net new systems and components

  • Designed to power globally scaled business operations for customers like American Express, Hertz, Travis Perkins, and more.

Launched onstage at Infor’s annual Inforum conference in NYC

Coordinating Data for More Successful Follow-up Care

Creating an ingenious prep and post-care tool to apply proprietary techniques to hip replacement surgery.


A prominent hip-replacement surgeon wanted to create an innovative tool to promote repeatable, successful procedures for physicians and their patients.


Using our Full Stack Innovation model, we designed a mobile application that utilizes the client’s proprietary techniques for hip replacement surgery coordinating data before surgery and aggregating post-surgical information for more successful follow-on care.

  • Patient image is uploaded automatically and plot points are marked on the image by the surgeon using the touch screen
  • This software was developed as added value to the typical hardware for this type of surgery which is viewed as a commodity

Asset Tracking in Real-time

We built a cold chain asset tracking application for Intel in less than 30 days.


Intel had an extremely tight window to develop a software application capable of showcasing the core sensor functionality (real-time location, temperature, and humidity tracking) of the hardware behind their new IoT platform.


  • A functional asset tracking application in less than 30 days.

  • Hardware, software, and platform layer powering real-time asset tracking for Intel’s LIQD device platform.

  • Successful demonstration for over 100,000 attendees at MWC Barcelona.

Intel Device Sensor

Visual Search for Musical Licensing

Connecting film music rights holders with licensing customers worldwide through a sophisticated music search interface.


Provide licensing customers a way to search a large volume of original tracks to meet very specific requirements. Licensing Customers may spend tens of thousands of dollars for the rights to use a track so finding the right music is very important.


A powerful and simple web search experience and licensing platform.


To power their search experience TheoremOne developed a proprietary meta-data management system that allows each track to be manually categorized and tagged with dozens of very specific bits of meta-data. The tracks then can be found within the search interface very simply.


Streamlined Tools for Collecting Ratings Data

We helped Nielsen modernize  delivery of high-value data to customers.


Nielsen needed a means to drive value for customers from massive amounts of collected ratings data and enlisted TheoremOne to build a powerful set of tools that packaged and deliverered insights to Nielsen customers in real-time.


  • Over 20 customizable insights and reports

  • iOS & Android applications with 5-Star rating and unparalleled user experience

  • Companion desktop application for more intensive data analysis

Elevated Real Estate Experiences

We identified valuable digital touchpoints to enhance customer experience and reduce costs.


KB Home recognized that their current processes were dated resulting in negative customer experiences as well as room for human error , They enlisted TheoremOne to optimize their current workflow with technology, and good design.


  • High-ROI solutions to all of KB Home’s biggest problems
  • Detailed roadmap front-loaded with highest impact projects
  • Clear and concise implementation plan for all project teams

Microservices Transformation

Sustainable, agile capability that continually produces high-performance software.


MISO Energy had a brand new team that needed to learn how to build microservices and leverage microservice architecture. They had a disparate group of newly-hired engineers with minimal background in agile. And, their task was to develop an architecture framework that they had never used before.


  • Team Enablement

  • Development of Automated Deployment Infrastructure
    and methodology

  • Ease of Compliance & Change Management

  • Improved Quality & Improved Reliability

  • Organizational Change, Agility


Intuitive, Interactive, In-Browser Experiences

We took the world’s largest stock media platform into the high-performance and micro-services oriented future.


Shutterstock was working with a 15-year-old monolithic application which limited their ability to stay nimble enough to rapidly deliver value to customers as well as compete with new agile startups entering Shutterstock’s ecosystem.


  • We rebuilt key end-user facing experience using modern technology stacks
  • We embedded critical talent into their organization in order to upskill their internal resources

Infrastructure for the Next-Generation Cloud

We simplified cloud deployment for the world’s most innovative Infrastructure-as-a-Service.


Digital Ocean enlisted TheoremOne to find a way to deploy fully functional example infrastructure for their clients which showcased the power and elegance of the Digital Ocean control panel compared to the major IaaS incumbents.


  • Push-button infrastructure tool for Digital Ocean clients

  • Ability to visualize multiples types of nodes (web, gateway, data, load balances, etc)

  • Comprehensive reference documentation for Digital Ocean APIs

Powerful, Intuitive Supply Chain Management

Transforming a legacy platform into the world’s most elegant and powerful cloud-based supply chain and logistics software suite.


GT Nexus, a market leader in supply chain management for over 30 years, enlisted TheoremOne to help maintain and grow its competitive advantage against the nimble startup players recently emerging in their ecosystem.


  • A groundup redesign and reimagining of over a dozen GT Nexus product
  • Retention and extension of high-profile Fortune 100 clients at risk of attrition.
  • End-to-end product portfolio modernization in under 24 months

In-Store Digital Experiences

We designed a holistic music experience for Starbucks customers — in-store and on-the-go.


Starbucks and their music partner enlisted TheoremOne to help reimagine the Starbucks music experience, in-store and in the palm of their customer's hands. We were tasked with envisioning and designing a future state integrating the in-store music experience with complimentary in-store internet access, the Starbucks loyalty program and a new music subscription service.


  • Design and architecture of a modern music streaming service with in-store, mobile, desktop, and in-car experiences, plus full integration mapping into Starbucks Rewards loyalty program for increased engagement and retention.
  • In-depth financial analysis to support internal business case and funding model.
  • Comprehensive build, buy, or partner analysis supporting Starbucks’ long-term digital strategy.

Augmented Reality Meets the Web

We brought the augmented reality environment from Hollywood’s Minority Report to life.


Oblong Industries was making the immersive visual technologies from Minority Report a reality and needed a partner capable of building an application that could handle gestural input and span multiple screens, systems, and surfaces.


  • Boundary-less hand tracking capable of moving room to room

  • Application capable of handling 3D gesture input with ease

  • Ability to run on any platform that supports javascript

Bringing Digital Services to a Global Agriculture Company

We created a vision for Nutreco to serve their farmers with Digital Services.


The global animal feed company wanted to increase the value they provided to farmers by building a self-service platform to plan and predict animal growth and feeding needs.


  • Through dozens of on-the-ground interviews with farmers in the US and Europe, we learned about the nuances of how decisions are made, and uncovered the biggest needs that technology could solve.

  • We created a product vision that would enable Nutreco to bring more value to their customers by offering a suite of Digital Services.

  • We created a go-to-market strategy to use these new Digital Services to attract new customers and grow the business.

  • We created an actionable technology and product roadmap to develop the Digital Services, after obtaining internal funding.

Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Technology Research

An offline-first dApp allowing users to create and share GIFs with friends on a secure, peer-to-peer network.


We embarked on this research project to learn about emerging offline-first technologies and to build a decentralized web application.


After three months of learning, designing and building, we successfully created a functional version of Thicket. This proof of concept demonstrated our ability to build decentralized products and helped us realize other opportunities for the emerging offline world.


The Results Are in the Relationship.


I wanted you to know that I was very impressed by the TheoremOne team. They were well prepared and the output of the three day kickoff meeting exceeded my expectations. I look forward to our continued partnership and bringing the Couchbase DBaaS solution to market.

Scott Anderson, SVP Product Management & Business Ops, Couchbase

There has been a massive culture shift for us as an organization since we’ve been working with TheoremOne. We needed an outsider to come in to get us to think differently.

Jay Murray, Senior Vice President, First American Financial

TheoremOne was a refreshing change from other vendors as they were fully in sync with our needs and vision for the future. They are a high performing group and better than any other vendor I have experienced in my 25 years with American Express. I have recommended them to external companies and recently rehired them at AMEX.

George Rice, Chief Product Owner, American Express

TheoremOne did an absolutely amazing job with the design for our health care start-up! The developers go above and beyond to deliver the best customer experience and the project management is simply outstanding. I highly recommend TheoremOne to everyone.

Ami Shah, Medical Director, Pfizer