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Developed a fresh produce tracking application

Building a cold chain asset tracking IoT solution for Intel in less than 30 days.

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Securing Accuracy with Real-time Tracking Data

Intel had an extremely tight window to develop a software application capable of showcasing the core sensor functionality (real-time location, temperature, and humidity tracking) of the hardware behind their new IoT platform. Following our Full Stack Innovation process, we developed a cold chain / fresh produce tracking application that leveraged the power of their new IoT LIQD hardware platform. This application allowed Intel to display tracking data in real-time, ensuring accuracy and on-time delivery of goods.

  • Dashboard capable of viewing and tracking 25 orders in real-time
  • Successful demonstration to over 100,000 attendees at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona
User interface for Intel's new tracking software application by TheoremOne
A tracking device on one side of the graphic, with three semi-trucks in transit on the other side of the graphic. The tracking device helps with location tracking on the trucks and product.
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