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We help our clients build great things and grow through challenging ourselves continuously.

Experienced teams, culture, process, and leadership drive exceptional results.

Brady Brim-DeForest, TheoremOne's Chief Executive Officer

Brady Brim-DeForest

Chief Executive Officer

Digital pioneer and technologist on a mission to transform the future of innovation.

Will Jessup

Founder, Chief Transformation Officer

Entrepreneur, hacker, product minded. Likes to build things that make life easier, remove complexity, and free people's time.

Will Jessup, Founder & Head of Services at TheoremOne
David Kullman of TheoremOne

David Kullmann

Partner, Staffing & Recruiting

Leveraging his deep understanding of engineering and tech culture, David has redefined the staffing and recruiting business via our staffing brand: Proof.

Alex Finnemore

Chief Partnership Officer

Alex enjoys helping companies grow using technology and by improving people, processes, and culture.

Alex Finnemore, Chief Partnership Officer at TheoremOne
Alison Dean, Chief Administrative Officer at TheoremOne

Alison Dean

Chief Administrative Officer

Hates filling out forms, waiting in lines, or following senseless rules. Excels at making sure no detail is left unmanaged and no task is left unfinished.

Will Kelly

Chief Growth Officer

A seasoned interactive leader committed to optimizing successful teams to create a seamless customer experience.

Will Kelly, TheoremOne's Chief Growth Officer
Karli Anderson, TheoremOne's Director of Marketing

Karli Anderson

Director, Marketing

Over 15 years of experience building brands and businesses by leveraging talent and leadership across disciplines to grow EBITDA.

Jesse Read

Chief Operating Officer

A multi-disciplinary technical leader focused on improving systems and processes while building cross-functional teams.

Jesse Read, TheoremOne's Chief Operating Officer
Michel Charlery, CFO at TheoremOne

Michel Charlery

Chief Financial Officer

Extensive experience designing and operating financial systems and operations for some of the world’s most prestigious brands.

Lucas Nasif

Chief Thinker, LEMMA

Expertise, transparency, and efficiency define how Lucas runs our engineering group, and in turn, they deliver outstanding results to our customers — on time, the first time.

Lucas Nasif, Chief Thinker at Lemma for TheoremOne
Sara Taillon, TheoremOne's Partner in Digital Product Innovation

Sara Taillon

Partner, Digital Product Innovation

Over 2 decades in software product development helping lead organizations to create engaging and effective software that impacts people in important ways.

Yoav Cohen

President, TheoremOne Core

Specializes in building elite teams that turn complex problems into scalable product solutions. Curious as hell. Beginner's mind.

Yoav Cohen portrait
Nicolas Spurlock, TheoremOne's VP of Corporate Strategy

Nick Spurlock

VP of Corporate Strategy

Leading corporate development with a variety of strategic initiatives as well as supporting the executive team.

Chris Wilkinson

VP of Products and Services

Passionate design thinker supporting a world-class experience for our clients.

Chris Wilkinson, TheoremOne's VP of Products & Services
Nicole Gill, Director of People and Organizational Development, Services Delivery

Nicole Gill

Director, People & Organizational Development

Provides strategic organizational advisory, culture enhancement, coaching, and resourcing for our Services Delivery division.

Christopher Clark

Head of Talent Acquisition

Driving innovation through creating sustainable teams and practices.

Christopher Clark, Head of Talent Acquisition at TheoremOne
TheoremOne's Director of Publicity, Andrew Upah

Andrew Upah

Director of Publicity

Passionate about change, Andrew focuses on redefining what it means to serve as an innovation partner to the world’s biggest brands.