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Practical consulting & guidance for complex tech portfolios

Align technology, people, and process to achieve target operating models.

Evolve and enable business operations by aligning technology, people, and process.
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We build new lines of business using technology as an enabler.

Creative technology solutions to unique enterprise challenges. We invent and deliver amazing digital products and strategies for new ways of working.

Management Consulting with Formula Partners
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Full Stack Innovation
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Enterprise Incubation with Halmos Ventures
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IoT & Aerospace with TheoremOne Orbital
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We build things we're proud of

We work collaboratively with key stakeholders — including IT, the business, leadership, and most importantly, your customers — leading to rapid delivery of impact alongside real, tangible results. Our process is designed to focus on outcomes, not just deliverables.
TheoremOne Theorist looking at their laptop and working on a solution.

Executive Consulting for Complex Technology Portfolios

We help executives and product leaders to make more strategic, practical technology investments. From maximizing the cloud to rationalizing the enterprise stack, we can help you find the best way forward to grow your business.

- Vision-mapping and long-term investment strategy
- Business case development
- Optimize and rationalize tech stack

CONTINUOUS Discovery & Design

Evolve Products, Services, and Business Processes

Discoveries help you answer critical questions and make decisions about “what” to build before you start investing money, time, and resources into potentially building the wrong thing.

Continuous discovery is more of a mindset than a single method. We're always looking for ways to improve and uncover new opportunities

TheoremOne Theorists placing sticky notes onto a whiteboard in their brainstorming session
TheoremOne Theorists leading a group meeting with a whiteboard behind her for her presentation

Consulting for Emerging IoT & Satellite Technology

We help non-space companies from any industry leverage emerging satellite tech and custom IoT. We can assist with:

- Secure, defensible networks
- Private satellite constellations
- Hi-res satellite imagery
- Global asset monitoring
- CubeSat & IoT partnerships

Halmos Ventures

Enterprise Incubator & StartUp Advisory Services

We are entrepreneurs at heart. Through Halmos Ventures we seed, accelerate, launch, and grow new businesses. We look for companies that can benefit from our partnership, experience, and our talented people.

- Seed and fund new startups
- Accelerate existing startups
- Exit strategies and transactions

Laptop screen of a TheoremOne Theorists while they are brainstorming solutions in a group setting

We seize new opportunities to solve complex problems.

Enterprise technology consulting
Vision and strategic plans
Accelerate transformation
Business process modeling
Next-gen technology IoT and Satellites
Invest & Incubate
Really smart people are eager to help you achieve your goals.