Research & Design

Research & Design

Great design is often invisible. But the results aren’t.

We leverage user research to iterate quickly and understand the end-user’s motivations, desires, needs, and wants.

TheoremOne’s designers and researchers work together to craft a totally unique and  delightful experience — every time.

Start at the beginning with research-driven design.

Service Highlights

Customer Research

Customer Research

Find answers to your big questions

Before any major investment, you need to know the facts. We explore every facet of the opportunity and uncover the key data to drive decision-making.

Opportunity Identification

Opportunity Identification

Is there a there there?

A stellar idea only matters if enough people want it. TheoremOne identifies the scale and dimensions of your audience, and how they value your solution.

User Testing

User Testing

Talk to customers in real-time

We believe that user feedback is vital at every phase of development — but you don’t need to spend a lot of time and money to do it right.



We bring clarity to the vision for your solution by involving the people who matter most: your users.

Stakeholder and User Interviews

It starts with taking listening seriously. Our research team has honed this skill through thousands of interviews across dozens of industries.

Ethnographic Studies

We can help you add cultural context to your decision making, your product roadmap, and your branding – a critical step towards building it right.

Persona Development

We make research results useful for your product, business, marketing and other teams, by creating powerful, contextual personas.

Empathy Map Workshops

Before kicking off a new initiative, or making a big decision, we’ll help you build shared empathy for your users with our accessible workshops.

Journey Map Development

A visual map of your users’ interactions (and days) helps your whole team make better decisions and prioritization.


  • Service Map Development

  • Opportunity Map Development

  • Future State Storyboarding

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis

  • UX Benchmarking

  • Pricing Studies

  • Validation Surveys

  • User and Market Surveying

Research & Discovery

Start on solid ground.

Before you start full stack development, engage with TheoremOne to put in place a solid foundation upon which to build.



Design is a differentiator. People expect an intuitive experience at each touchpoint with your brand. And that’s exactly what we give them.

Interaction Design

Seamlessly guide your users to what they need, to what your business needs, and remove all friction. It’s that simple.

Visual Design

Interacting with your products, services and company should be delightful — our visual design team thinks of this as a basic user need.

Service Design

Technology is only a piece of the puzzle. We think of the entire experience your employees, customers, and partners, go through, and help you reimagine it.

Design Systems

Creating a consistent experience across a portfolio of products is a serious challenge. We believe that strong design systems will get you there. We’ll help you build the right one.

Product Visioning

Develop a future state product vision that aligns stakeholders and provides the context required to secure funding, develop roadmaps, and inspire customers.

Design Thinking Enablement

Design thinking can change the way your company operates — helping you uncover thousands of untapped ideas from the minds already within your organization.


  • Information Architecture

  • Ideation Board Creation

  • Prototyping

  • Design Language Development

  • Mood Board Creation

  • Content Development

  • Color Design


Rock solid data leads to smart design choices. Our analytical toolkit covers all things qualitative and quantitative.

Concept Testing

Once new concepts are sketched, testing begins with the end user. At this stage we gain a deeper understanding of what matters to the user as we see the product come to life.

Usability Testing

We collect feedback using real life scenario modeling  to surface key insights in developing product designs. The result is high performance software that gets the job done.


  • Card Sorting

  • Lean User Testing

  • A/B Testing

  • Tree Testing

  • Quantitative Surveys

  • Intercept Surveys

  • Content Audits

Performance Analysis

Whether with functional prototypes or production software the best way to know where to optimize is to test with user’s real data.

Expert Evaluation

Our researchers analyze your existing software to surface the issues that matter most using the latest in usability best practices.

Make Smart Product Choices: An Executive’s Guide to User Experience Research

Learn how TheoremOne helps clients validate business ideas and create customer-centric strategies:

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Fede Saravia

Fede Saravia

Director of Engineering

Fede has built technology for startups and some of the largest companies in the world. He knows what it takes to get things done, from defining the right processes to choosing the right technology stack.

Sandra Plascove
Sara Taillon

Sara Taillon

Engagement Manager

Sara has deep experience managing large-scale, complex deliveries for some of the world's most admired brands.

Sandra Plascove

Human Resources

Sandra ensures that day-to-day Human Resources operations at TheoremOne run smoothly, ensuring that team member can remain focused on their primary mission delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients.