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Business Case Development

Define, fund, and start building a digital product in less than 30 days.

We will build a business case for you to rescue, modernize, innovate, or accelerate.

We've helped dozens of clients navigate large organizations to plan, de-risk, and secure funding for custom software and business platforms. We will rapidly define the product, scope the work, make the case, and align stakeholders to secure the funding and support required for your technology project.

No fee if we fail to secure funding.
Validate product-market fit or fund your big idea with an MVP or POC
Greenfield and blue-sky custom business platforms and digital products
Design & Develop
Legacy modernization
New ways of working powered by modern technology and business processes
ACCELERATE | Transformation & Team Augmentation

Product, Design, and Engineering Squads with Flexible Working Models

Tailored squads with flat-rate, monthly billing make scaling delivery simple. We put the right people, in the right config, to add velocity and ship custom digital products and business platforms faster–guaranteed.

How it works

We can help you to define, estimate, and pitch a custom application or platform that enables your business. We want to build the things we propose. If you don't need our development services, we simply charge a success fee of 1% of the amount funded for successfully funding your initiative.

Day 1: Initial Briefing
Week 1-2: Definition & Visualization
Week 3: Beautiful Pitch Materials
Week 4: Secure Support & Funding
Sprint 0: Pilot Squad(s) Start Building
A desk with many sticky notes and other papers and pens on it. A TheoremOne Theorist is working through some ideas.

We do this all the time. No fee if we fail.

We advise clients and partners on product strategy, engineering, design, and culture, then partner with them to build and launch technology-driven solutions to enable their business.

A pencil and a brush icon - signifying "Big ideas to define or validate"Paint brush and pen icon
Big ideas and emerging business conditions
A folded map icon - signifying "Emerging business opportunities"map icon
Validate product-market fit with research & prototypes
Satellite icon - signifying "A roadmap that is too big or too small"satellite icon
Build a proof-of-concept for capital investment

Over $200M in custom development successfully funded since 2007.

Our flexible, effective consulting and delivery methods quickly turn problems into opportunities for the enterprise to work better.

Get help | Project Rescue

Schedule a 30-min Triage Appointment

Have a quick call with one of our  Product or Technology Consultants to see if TheoremOne can help you achieve more, faster.

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Align, define, fund, and start building a custom digital product in less than 30 days. Guaranteed.