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Artificial Intelligence

Close the gap between possibilities and practical solutions for AI

The impact of AI on every industry is inevitable and the possibilities are limitless.

We are in an exciting wave of innovation, and companies that begin to embrace AI now are taking big risks, with a reward of shaping the future, changing behaviors, and establishing new markets.

Those that don’t, risk paying twice, once to catch up and again through losing business to the competition.

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AI + ML at the Enterprise
Artificial Intelligence combines well structured data with algorithmic analysis to predict trends, discern relationships, and derive insights that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive or complex for people to discern on their own. Machine Learning incorporates success and failure criteria for the AI, allowing it to adjust how it operates automatically to provide an increasingly high success rate at its given task.
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Data strategies for ML
When combined with a strong data strategy, artificial intelligence and machine learning can allow companies to derive deep and actionable insights from the information they collect, automate complex or rote manual processes, and provide seamless experiences by anticipating and addressing customer needs.
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Natural Language Processing
The tremendous potential of Artificial Intelligence is amplified by the emergence of natural language processing, the ability to make requests of deep learning neural networks in sentences and questions rather than complex algorithms full of variables.

AI Product Strategy & Discovery

AI is both an opportunity and a challenge. In the race to adopt the technology, small startups are often better equipped to take risks, innovate, and learn from failures. They are not burdened by legacy systems and complex procedures, making it easier for them to adopt new technologies and approaches.

We help large organizations innovate like startups by exploring the art of the possible, validating ideas, prototyping them, understanding build complexity and cost and gain internal leadership alignment before moving to full implementation.

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AI & Data Maturity Assessment

As familiarity and comfort with AI solutions grows, so too will the expectations of customers and business partners. The time is now to prepare for the new standard by developing a comprehensive data strategy, reconsidering business processes to take advantage of new efficiencies, and designing and building new business processes that effectively leverage AI.

Data is the foundation for any successful AI initiative. Our Data Maturity Assessment service will evaluate the current state of your organization's data capabilities and identify areas for improvement. We assess data quality, governance, and data science maturity to develop a strategy and roadmap to reach the next level of data maturity.


Spark your AI Journey

We work with our clients to bring AI solutions to life, covering the entire project life cycle from defining the problem and scoping the project to collecting and preparing data, developing and validating models, deploying and integrating the solution, and providing ongoing support and maintenance.

TheoremOne Theorists placing sticky notes onto a whiteboard in their brainstorming session

Capabilities to Accelerate and Build Your AI Practice

Identify opportunities for AI

From technical health assessments to proactive pilot teams, we help identify and understand opportunities for AI in your business.

Build strong AI centers of excellence

Strategies and advisors to help you establish an AI practice at your organization.

AI & ML Talent Sourcing

Expand or augment your team with AI-expertise with surge capacity or strategic staffing of permanent roles to lead your AI initiatives.

Model Development and Deployment

Design and develop custom ML models, from idea to production deployment.

ML Infrastructure and Tooling

Build and deploy ML infrastructure and tools, such as data pipelines, model serving, and model monitoring.

ML Operations and Maintenance

ML operations and maintenance, including model tuning, performance monitoring, and model versioning.

Integration with Business Systems

Integrate ML models with existing business systems and processes.

AI Ethics

We have a strong commitment to ethical and responsible AI, and we work with our clients to ensure that their ML models are transparent, fair, and unbiased.
Accelerate transformation and achieve business outcomes.