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TheoremOne's Response to the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

TheoremOne is operating at full capacity providing consulting and software delivery services to our clients. Since itsinception 12 years ago, we have fielded a globally distributed workforce and employed remote-working practices across our entire workforce.

As a globally distributed organization, resiliency is baked into our operating model because our team is not concentrated in any one city, region, or country. TheoremOne team members already generally work from home and are not required to report to centralized facilities. The transition from 80% to 100% work-from-home took place starting in February and has been smooth and without complications.

To mitigate the pandemic’s impact on our team’s health, we have already implemented the below changes to our daily operations:

- Mandates to minimize visitors to our facilities
- Enhanced hygiene training
- Mandatory work from home policy
- Mandates to avoiding in-person meetings if deemed High-Risk by CDC
- Limiting all but critical travel (and then only with Executive approval)

TheoremOne's business continuity plans are designed to ensure that we continue providing the quality service you expect from us, and our focus is on keeping our team members safe and healthy while staying maximally productive towards the mission and goals we set out to achieve each day on behalf of our clients.

We are closely following the updates from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. We’re holding weekly internal calls to provide updates on our business’ health as well as our business continuity posture. We are also in direct contact with health officials in the counties where we operate, including Los Angeles County where we are headquartered.

We will continue to closely monitor both the outbreak progression and recommended preventive measures. We acknowledge this is an evolving situation that will require us to be nimble and responsive to changing circumstances. We are here to support you and your organization however we can.

For more information, please email: bcpteam@theoremone.co