Innovation & Engineering

Innovation & Engineering

We build it right the first time.

From new concept to launch, our team of experts know how to develop high-performance products in record time.

When you work with TheoremOne, you get access to proven teams who have built and shipped solutions to complex problems at global-scale for some of the world’s biggest companies.

Our Innovation and Engineering practices are industry & vertical agnostic.

Service Highlights

Full Stack Innovation

Innovation from A - Z.

To rapidly build serious business software — no matter the complexity — we deploy our Full Stack Innovation squads.

Innovation Sprints

Agile. Lean. Super effective.

We like to run, not walk, when it comes to creating things. Learn how get your digital products across the finish line fast with innovation sprints.

Digital Transformation

Change is a good thing.

Constant evolution is the only way to stay ahead of the competition. Any size, any scope — we can get your entire organization up to speed.

Engineering Services

Mission-driven and results oriented, we run lean teams that provide enterprise-level outcomes at startup speed.

Web Application Development

We build powerful web applications with next generation UX, enabling organizations to delight customers and power-up internal teams.

Embedded Systems

We design and build embedded systems hardware and software, including best in breed connectivity and security layers.


Make intuitive and functional mobile applications that add a new dimension to your customer experience while delivering measurable business value.


Our modern DevOps strategies and architecture support large scale, highly-secure, global platforms.

Staff Augmentation

We can quickly add velocity to your engineering leadership and hands-on development teams through our Proof staff augmentation services.

Virtual Reality

We create fully immersive Virtual Reality experiences and powerful VR infrastructure.

IT Security Services

Thorough and fast, our experts know how to find and resolve vulnerabilities in your IT systems — before someone else can exploit them.

Security Assessments

Locate and isolate security vulnerabilities across your IT ecosystem and establish risk mitigation protocols.

Systems Security Audits

Comprehensive analysis of past breaches, current protections, and potential vulnerabilities. Understand weak points and design robust hardening strategies.


Known as “ethical hacking”, these simulated cyber attacks test all potential access or intrusion points. Test your security layers, breach protocols and isolation measures with these real-life simulations.

Platform Security Architecture

Our security services cover the  security architecture, tools and processes that ensure the stability and integrity of your entire technology platform, including hardware, software, network, storage and other components. The design and placement of security controls and countermeasures maintain your system’s quality attributes, including confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Technical Strategy

During over a decade of operation, we’ve developed a bench of technical experts for any conceivable project — from VR to AI.

Program Planning

  • Multi-Workstream
    Program Planning

  • Digital Roadmapping

  • Scaled Agile Operations

  • Multi-Team Management

  • Product Portfolio
    Planning & Strategy

Legacy System Modernization

Technical Feasibility

  • Requirements Gathering

  • Cost Assessment

  • Staff Skills & Gaps Mapping

  • Roadmapping

  • Technical Spikes


  • Source Code Analysis

  • Discover bugs, security breaches, or program convention violations.

  • Find errors prior to software release.

Project Management

We help large enterprises plan and execute large-scale programs quickly and reliably. Our Project Management philosophies and methodologies help even the most complex organizations deliver against program milestones.

App Rationalization

We help our clients strategically identify and evaluate business applications across their organization to determine which applications should be kept, replaced, retired or consolidated.

How to Choose Between SaaS & Custom Software:

A guide to navigating your company’s technology decision making.

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Our People Are Our Difference.

It all starts with the right team. Whether online or in-person, we are there when you need us.


Alison Welwood

Product Strategist

Alison systematically investigates users and their requirements, in order to add context and insight into the process of designing the experience.

Alison Welwood
Adonya Ourshalimian

Adonya Ourshalimian

Director, Discoveries

Adonya has built technology for startups and some of the largest companies in the world. He manages complex programs with global teams and tight deadlines. His vision, communication, and team management make him a go-to for the Fortune 500.

Eric Chambers
Kristen Williams

Kristen Williams


Kristen helps TheoremOne find, qualify, and recruit talented engineers, product managers, designers, researchers and strategists.

Eric Chambers

Product Manager

Eric leads teams that design, build, and deliver software platforms and systems that drive bottom line value for our clients.

The Results Are in the Relationship.


I wanted you to know that I was very impressed by the TheoremOne team. They were well prepared and the output of the three day kickoff meeting exceeded my expectations. I look forward to our continued partnership and bringing the Couchbase DBaaS solution to market.

Scott Anderson, SVP Product Management & Business Ops, Couchbase

There has been a massive culture shift for us as an organization since we’ve been working with TheoremOne. We needed an outsider to come in to get us to think differently.

Jay Murray, Senior Vice President, First American Financial

TheoremOne was a refreshing change from other vendors as they were fully in sync with our needs and vision for the future. They are a high performing group and better than any other vendor I have experienced in my 25 years with American Express. I have recommended them to external companies and recently rehired them at AMEX.

George Rice, Chief Product Owner, American Express

TheoremOne did an absolutely amazing job with the design for our health care start-up! The developers go above and beyond to deliver the best customer experience and the project management is simply outstanding. I highly recommend TheoremOne to everyone.

Ami Shah, Medical Director, Pfizer