Full Stack Innovation

Market-leading software, built right the first time.

Full Stack Innovation is TheoremOne’s holistic method for designing and building market-leading software. Through a user-experience driven product design approach, coupled with a cross-functional team of engineers, designers, researchers, and product managers, TheoremOne’s Full Stack Innovation Squads design, build, and launch technology-driven products, services and systems.

Our Success Stories

We like to let our record speak for itself. Here are just a few of our past Full Stack Innovation projects.

A network-grade, globally scaled IoT platform designed to manage billions of device derived data points.

A platform enabling employment benefits for 10,000+ users from any device and location.

An IoT-based asset tracking platform that provides real-time supply chain visibility around the globe.

When You Work with Us, You Get Results

It all starts with the right team. Success comes when we work together with the skills, experience, and tools provided by a proven team of experts. We make this winning combination our primary concern. And we don’t just pull in whoever is available — each project is staffed precisely to fit its specific needs.

When the requirements are technical, we deploy top experts in the necessary fields — from Java to .NET to Node.js. TheoremOne has subject matter experts with deep experience in dozens of industries, including agriculture, retail, banking, and beyond. Our Squads are designed to be cross-functional and autonomous. We are highly collaborative, but ultimately mission and results driven.

Your Program Scales. So Do We.

TheoremOne’s Full Stack Innovation engagements start with a Squad. A Squad is a flexibly resourced team working towards a unified objective. A core, dedicated team composed of two Engineers, a UX/UI designer and a Product Manager are assigned from start to finish. Multiple squads can run in parallel and additional resources are scaled up and down as needed. A cross-functional team means less downtime, better change management and higher velocity.

We scale your team to meet the specific needs of the problem we are solving. A large program may include four Squads working in parallel on different aspects of  technology, plus a leadership and steering team. No matter the scope, we have you covered.

Flexible Processes, Serious Results

We don’t stick to a single rigid process or method. Instead, we focus on what makes each project unique. No two organizations are the same, so we adapt the way we work, make decisions, communicate, and measure results to fit your organization’s specific goals. Our Squads are organized around core philosophies: working functionality is more important than documentation, good people are more important that process, and self-managing teams solve problems faster and more creatively.

Online. In-person.
Always Available.

While TheoremOne is a remote-first organization, we know that an in-person presence is essential to understanding your context and building the relationships we need to succeed. The amount of time our team spends on-site — as an integrated part of your organization — is all dependent on the specific needs of your project. And when we’re not there in person, we’re always available by instant messenger, Slack, phone, or video call.

We Empower Your Team to Take Over.

It’s critical to maintain and evolve the systems and technology that we develop together. TheoremOne offers training and maintenance to ensure a smooth transition after launch. And when it’s time to hand the product over to your team, we stick around to provide support. This often includes training, upgrades, monitoring performance, fixing bugs, and — of course — developing new functionality.

Working with TheoremOne

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How Full Stack Innovation Works


Create a Vision

We help you zero in on the most impactful ideas, allowing you to solidify the vision for your product.

Alignment on goals and success criteria for a project is vital. Through our many years of collective experience, we make sure your roadmap accounts for the most important requirements, challenges, and risks.


Assemble the Team

TheoremOne evaluates your current teams to identify any additional staffing or skill enhancement needs.

We work in cross-functional Squads consisting of experts from both TheoremOne and your organization. This allows us to increase overall velocity while ensuring that we’re operating as one single team.

Challenge Map and Target exploration gathered by TheoremOne alongside Customer

User flow determined by UX Reseracher through customer & stakeholder interviews.

Storyboard created from Day 1 Synthesis of Challenge Map and Target exploration.

TheoremOne product manager leading onsite research and discovery workshops.


Research and Design

Our research approach validates product-market fit before going to build, clarifying the path toward mission success.

We clearly map the features on your roadmap to user needs through research. We then track performance with measurable goals — leaving room for the changing priorities that inevitably arise. We spend ample time with your project’s most important stakeholders — your customers and end-users.


Prototype, Pilot, and Validate

We move quickly into prototyping and piloting to bring the vision for your product to life. This process drives rapid ROI through repeatable concept validation.

TheoremOne’s iterative process for product design and prototyping results in products that create value, design systems that scale, and detailed engineering specifications to guide the build.


Build the Product and Processes

When working with TheoremOne, you’ll see releases early and often — driving rapid evolution toward a world-class product.

To create functional software in less than 30 days, our build process begins early on, shaped by collaborative scoping and prioritization sessions. It’s an agile and effective way to innovate.


Build the App and the Processes

Throughout the Full Stack Innovation process, we gather feedback by putting your product in the hands of real users. Test-driving your vision is critical before further investment.

By tracking and analyzing real user feedback, your product keeps getting better. We instrument your product for data collection and aggreggation from Day 1, and we continue to optimize and prioritize features based on these data-driven — delighting customers and creating an ecosystem that powers growth along the way.


Gather Feedback and

The success of your new, market-leading product fully belongs to you. We ensure a smooth handoff to your internal team — in addition to providing ongoing support services.

The continuous management of new systems is crucial for any development project. TheoremOne formulates customized plans for transitioning the product 100% to your internal team. We also provide services like Staff Augmentation and Organizational Design to follow on, ensuring that you get the maximum value from your innovation investment.

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