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This policy outlines TheoremOne’s policies and procedures in relation to preventing unsolicited, bulk, or indiscriminate electronic messaging.

What is spam?
In the context of electronic messaging, spam refers to unsolicited, bulk or indiscriminate messages, typically sent for commercial purposes. “Electronic messaging” covers emails, instant messaging, SMS and other mobile phone messaging, but does not cover normal voice-to-voice communication by telephone.

An electronic message may constitute spam if it:
- is commercial in nature – i.e. it could be construed as offering a commercial transaction, such as goods or services for sale, or merely directing the recipient to a location where a commercial transaction could take place
- is sent without the prior consent of the recipient;
- fails to include accurate information about the sender;
- and does not include a functional unsubscribe facility.

TheoremOne will take all necessary and reasonable steps required under relevant current Spam legislation to ensure that any commercial electronic messages sent to you do not constitute spam.

TheoremOne will take reasonable steps to ensure that it has obtained your express consent prior to sending you electronic commercial messages about TheoremOne’s products and services. Express consent may come in various ways, including subscribing to our mailing list, filing in a form, ticking a consent box to receive advertising or messages on our website, or consenting over the phone.

Where it is impracticable to obtain your consent before sending electronic commercial message to you, we may infer that you have consented to receiving electronic commercial message. Inferred consent can occur:
- via an existing business or other relationship with TheoremOne, and where there is reasonable expectation of receiving commercial electronic messages; or
- via conspicuous publication of a work-related electronic address; and
- it is accessible to the public, or a section of the public
- the subject of the message is directly related to the role or function of the recipient; and
- the address is not accompanied by a statement saying no commercial messages are wanted.

Any commercial electronic message sent by TheoremOne will include clear and accurate identification information about TheoremOne, the sender of the message and how we can be contacted. TheoremOne will take reasonable steps to ensure that the identification information about TheoremOne is accurate for a period of 30 days after the day on which you receive the electronic commercial message.

Unsubscribing Policy
Under Spam legislation, every commercial electronic message must contain a functional and legitimate ‘unsubscribe’ facility. This is an electronic address the recipient can use to tell the sender they do not wish to receive messages.

TheoremOne will take reasonable steps to ensure that:
- all commercial electronic messages sent by us will include a functional way for the message’s recipient to indicate that they wish to unsubscribe from any future messages;
- our unsubscribe links in any electric commercial message remain functional for at least 30 days after the original commercial electronic message was sent;
- it allows the unsubscribe message to be sent to whoever authorized the sending of the message;
- the unsubscribe instructions are presented in a clear and conspicuous way;
- a request to unsubscribe is honored within five (5) working days;
- unsubscribing at no cost, to the recipient; and
- If you receive a message from TheoremOne that is not in accordance with the above, contact us and the matter will be promptly investigated and resolved.

TheoremOne Unsubscribe Process
The marketing systems TheoremOne uses for electronic communication allow recipients the option to automatically unsubscribe from any electronic commercial message.

All manual unsubscribe requests go through the Marketing Manager or Director of Marketing (as a secondary person). The necessary details for unsubscribing from any electronic commercial message sent by TheoremOne are as follows:
SMS: Subject Line: ‘Unsubscribe’
Mail: Subject Line: ‘Remove’
Post To: The relevant office as listed on the email
Email: Subject Line: ‘Remove’
Fax: Subject Line: ‘Remove’

TheoremOne Marketing
Queries that are made with TheoremOne through our marketing channels are gathered and kept confidentially. TheoremOne may use some of this information to market its current and new products to customers. All marketing sent by TheoremOne allows the recipient to opt out (unsubscribe) at no cost. If the recipient chooses to exercise that right they will be removed from any further marketing communication from TheoremOne. TheoremOne will not use electronic address harvesting software, or lists which have been generated using software, for the purposes of sending unsolicited commercial electronic messages.

Contact TheoremOne Anti-Spam Team
Please contact our Anti-Spam Team at anti-spam@theoremone.co if you have any concerns or complaints about this policy or about our use of personal information or other privacy issues.